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Windsor Palms Resort in Orlando, Florida

August 2010 News

Disney, Universal report amusement park accidents

Date: 30 August 2010 By Jason Garcia and Sara K. Clarke Orlando Sentinel

Two of Orlando's newest roller coasters recorded multiple rider injuries during the second quarter of the year, according to updated filings from Florida's big theme parks.

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Former Walt Disney World employee arrested on Xbox child porn charges

Date: 30 August 2010 Debra Peterson - Disney Travel Examiner

A former Walt Disney World Cast Member has been arrested on 16 counts of possession of child pornography. Timothy Wayne Hammerstone, 22, of Polk City, is accused of using an Xbox gaming system to download child pornography and of soliciting at least one boy to send nude photos of himself.

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Disney says Fantasyland expansion plans are changing

Date: 13 August 2010 By Jason Garcia

Disney is redrawing the sweeping Fantasyland expansion plans it laid out last year, even as bulldozers clear land for the project inside the Magic Kingdom.

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Walt Disney faces $200,000 lawsuit in alleged Donald Duck groping case

Date: 12 August 2010 Walter Pacheco, Orlando Sentinel

Walt Disney World is facing a federal lawsuit seeking more than $200,000 in damages after a Pennsylvania woman claimed a person in a Donald Duck costume groped her breast two years ago, court records show.

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Harry Potter beats Mickey Mouse — but he also helps him

Date: 11 August 2010 By Jason Garcia

We know that the Wizarding World of Harry Potter has worked wonders for Universal Orlando so far this summer: The hugely popular addition to Islands of Adventure propelled Universal to its first quarterly attendance gain in two years for the April-through-June period and to what appears to be a mammoth monthly gain in July.

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Surveys show Disney considering VIP and add-on theme park ticket options for Walt Disney World and Disneyland

Date: 11 August 2010 by Ricky Brigante

Some recent guests to the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Fla. and the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, Calif. have received surveys from Disney surrounding possible future theme park ticketing options.

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A new country at Epcot?

Date: 10 August 2010 Richard Bilbao - Orlando Business Journal

The paint is barely dry at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and work is just underway at the expansion of Fantasyland at Walt Disney World, yet fan and theme park insider sites are touting new additions to the theme parks.

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Fantasy world; real dollars

Date: 08 August 2010 By Shannon Behnken | Media General News Service

TAMPA — If you want to spend a magical day with The Mouse, you’ll have to fork over more cash. Theme park giant Walt Disney World is Orlando’s first major park to charge more than $80 for a single base ticket. Wednesday’s announcement met with mixed reviews from industry onlookers, with one predicting that $100 for park admission isn’t far away. Disney World said the move is right despite the tough economy.

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Mickey is out of step with reality

Date: 08 August 2010 By ANA VECIANA-SUAREZ

In these tough economic times, as the recovery gets stuck like a glob of super glue on the tip of one's finger, Mickey has bamboozled us into giving him a raise. And it's not a mousy one, either. Disney has hiked its ticket prices. Again. The one-day pass to Walt Disney World in Orlando jumped to $82 from $79, a 3.8 percent pop. Selected packages spiked, too, including the seven-day pass -- up 5.6 percent. On the other coast, Disneyland in California jacked up its prices to $76 from $72 for a single-day ticket.

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Inside the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Date: 07 August 2010 Richard Corliss / Orlando

One reason so many wizards wanted to get rid of Albus Dumbledore was that he was soft on Muggles. Now he's gone too far: the headmaster has let those decidedly unmagical humans into Hogwarts. Tens of thousands a day swarm through the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, a 20-acre (8 hectare) swatch of Universal's Islands of Adventure theme park in Orlando, Fla.

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Directing Disney monorails from restaurant lead to collision, lawyers say

Date: 06 August 2010 LOCAL 6 NEWS

LAKE BUENA VISTA — A Walt Disney World manager's decision to direct monorails by radio from an off-site restaurant led to a deadly collision, according to lawyers representing the victim's family.

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Disney World Celebrates Opening of Via Napoli Restaurant

Date: 06 August 2010 By Zane Figg

Epcot’s Via Napoli celebrated its official opening in Disney World’s Epcot today!

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A Visit to Harry Potter World

Date: 05 August 2010 By Claire Kirch, with reporting by Joel Sipress and Rachel Sipress

A sign welcoming visitors to Disney World in Orlando claims it’s the place “where dreams come true.” Not so for Harry Potter fans: their dreams are coming true a few miles away, at a new theme park adjoining Universal Orlando Resort’s Islands of Adventure theme park. The brand-new Wizarding World of Harry Potter brings to life the magical world created by J.K. Rowling in her seven novels, and in the six films (to date) released by Universal Studios.

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Disney World’s Tomorrowland Transit Authority Regains “PeopleMover” Moniker

Date: 05 August 2010 By Brad Johnson

After bringing back the Main Street Electrical Parade for an open-ended run, Disney World is continuing along on a retro-streak by adding the original PeopleMover name to what has been known only as the Tomorrowland Transit Authority since 1994.

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Disney World opening luxury pet resort Aug. 27

Date: 04 August 2010 Yahoo News

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. – Pluto never had it so good: The next major attraction to open at Walt Disney World won't be for the kids — it will be for the dogs.

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