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Windsor Palms Resort in Orlando, Florida

September 2010 News

It's a tale of great mystery: How Disney came to Orlando

Date: 26 September 2010 Orlando Sentinel - Joy Wallace Dickinson

Intrigue. Master spies. Secret meetings. They seem like unlikely ingredients for the beginnings of "the happiest place on Earth," but the story of how Walt Disney World came to Florida has all of them.

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Guests share memories for Disney Parks campaign; may appear in TV ads and more

Date: 25 September 2010 Debra Peterson - Disney Travel Examiner

On Sept. 23, Disney Parks announced its 2011 promotion “Let the Memories” begin. As its title suggests, the promotion focuses on making memories at Disney vacation destinations, notably the Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort.

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High Speed Rail Holocaust Controversy in Florida

Date: 03 September 2010

A High Speed Rail meeting was held in Orlando, Florida Thursday, and there were big concerns about one company bidding on it. French Railway Company, also called SNCF., is under fire because during World War II the company transported Jews to concentration camps.

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