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Windsor Palms Resort in Orlando, Florida

October 2009 News

Baby Giraffes Born At Disney's Animal Kingdom

Date: 19 October 2009 Wesh

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Walt Disney World Resort said two male calves were recently born at its Animal Kingdom park. Disney said Bolo was born on Oct. 12 to second-time mother Big Girl, who first birthed a female calf in November 2005.

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Disney World combines damaged monorails pink and purple to create new monorail teal

Date: 15 October 2009 Walt Disney World Recreation Examiner - Peggy Macdonald

More than three months after monorail pink backed into monorail purple at Walt Disney World, killing 21-year-old pilot Austin Wuennenberg, the undamaged parts of the two monorails have been combined to create one monorail, which will feature a teal stripe.

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Christmas by the Numbers at Walt Disney World Resort

Date: 10 October 2009 By Scott

Miles of garland, ribbon, twinkling lights and glitter transform Walt Disney World Resort into a winter wonderland during the holiday season. Here’s a sample of what guests will experience throughout the Vacation Kingdom:

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Spending Christmas at Disney World

Date: 07 October 2009 By David Snyder

Christmas is Christmas, and it doesn't matter where you spend yours as long as you spend it with your loved ones. However, some places do add a special flavor to the Christmas spirit. The moods of such places infect you and the joys of Christmas are multiplied by just being in those places. One such place is Disney in Orlando, Florida.

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Blackstone to Buy InBev Parks for Up to $2.7 Billion

Date: 07 October 2009 By Jason Kelly

Blackstone Group LP, the world’s biggest buyout firm, agreed to buy Anheuser-Busch InBev NV’s amusement park business for as much as $2.7 billion in the largest private-equity deal this year.

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Disney gets on board with fast-train proposal

Date: 02 October 2009 By Dan Tracy - Sentinel Staff Writer

Florida has received a last-minute boost from Walt Disney World in its bid for $2.5 billion of federal money to build a high-speed train linking Orlando and Tampa.

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Walt Disney World parking rates rise to $14 per day

Date: 02 October 2009 Walt Disney World Recreation Examiner - Peggy Macdonald

The daily parking rate at the Walt Disney World theme parks will rise to $14 this weekend, according to Orlando Sentinel reporter Jason Garcia. The new rate will go into effect this Sunday, up from the current rate of $12 for automobiles.

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